Will AR/VR Replace Travel & Tourism? – IoT For All – Medium
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Hotels are beginning to use 360 photos and video to promote their spaces over the flat-photos Google Images provides. Many museums are utilizing technologies like the Hololens to place items, such as full-scale ships, within small buildings. Visitor bureaus, both small and large, are using the ability to envelope potential tourists in an action-pa…

How Virtual Reality Is About to Transform the Travel Industry

the 'Try Before You Fly' scheme ... generated flights and hotel bookings of over $17,000 and a 40% return on investment... a 190% uplift in New York excursions proving how this technology captures the imagination of travelers.

TL;DR: “From One Spokesperson To Millions”
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A tl;dr version of “From One Spokesperson To Millions” the brilliant 45-minute longread by @jessedee on taking one of the most successful campaigns of all time - Paul Hogan’s 1980s Tourism Australia campaign - and updating it for the age of user-generated content. Some key quotes:

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