A Digital Team Is Helping Obama Find His Voice Online
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looking for ways to bring his voice directly to people... a balance of focusing on the president’s priorities and being flexible and opportunistic as conversations are happening online ... to open the White House, to pull the curtains back and show people how government works... data metrics showed how his appearances on social media — like You…

Creating trust by example

Over on the Belgian IABC's web2eu site, Philip Weiss embedded a TED video of Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, discussing the revolutionary impact of social media. It's really so good I thought I'd repost it here and add some observations

Obama: A Man for all Bloggers (Blogtour)

So I thought it would be interesting, as the hysteria fades, to take a short, unrepresentative tour of how EU-oriented bloggers greeted Barak Obama's victory.This is by no means a scientific or exhaustive survey - just a few quotes and links - and it's highly unrepresentative because, of the acres of blogprint dedicated to the man, I…

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