Diversity begins from the top

Because the core foundation and culture built overlooked women, it gets harder to recruit these women because the organization doesn’t know where to even begin to find these women. Then they may settle for hiring people that aren’t as great, and that’s where complaints come in that women are being chosen over men. This is desperation on the compan…

Sidestepping cognitive biases in group design activities
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If you ever wondered why meetings so often lead to the wrong decision ... "... we are wired in certain ways ... that can block groups from processing information effectively, which leads to bad decisions... Gilbert explains how to use diversity and inclusion to get better results from product ideation efforts... One of the most fundamental …

More innovative problem solving

Innovation loves diversity. Europe's diverse. Why isn't Europe innovative? "teams of smart people from different backgrounds are more likely to come up with fresh ideas more quickly than individuals or like-minded groups do. When a diverse range of experts interact... the solution space becomes broader, increasing the chance that a more innova…

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