Decentralized discourse graph

Discourse graph refers to an information model which represents scientific discourse by distilling "traditional publication down into more granular, formalized knowledge claims, linked to supporting evidence and context through a network or graph... knowledge claims ... as the central unit".Why? "Standardizing the representation of …

When Debate Is Futile: Bertrand Russell’s Remarkable Response to a Fascist’s Provocation
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To approach someone else convincingly you must do so with open arms and head held high, and your arms can’t be open unless your head is high... the mastery of such intelligent, kind-hearted, and considered disagreement emerges as a supreme art of living And yet there are instances in which it is unsound to engage with another whose values are so …

getting past the coalition of the cool

The job of politics... finding common cause with people who aren’t like you. But current incentives seem to point in the opposite direction... I blame the internet ... You can’t take on inequality and injustice with a coalition of people who use the same slang, listen to the same music, and post the same emojis that you do.You have to be willing t…

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb
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the idea that everyone is like us is called the “false-consensus bias.”... Online it means we can be blindsided by the opinions of our friends or, more broadly, America... morphs into a subconscious belief that we and our friends are the sane ones and that there’s a crazy “Other Side” ... that just doesn’t “get it,” ... not as intelligent as “us.”…

Discourse: Reinventing Online Communities
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"The only kind of moderation that scales with the community is the community. ... Through the trust system, Discourse communities develop a natural immune system that repels the trolls, spam, and hate that eventually tear apart communities on other forum software. - Stack Overflow Founder's Next Big Thing: Reinventing Online Communities – ReadWri…

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