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An executive's guide to machine learning

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the competitive significance of business models turbocharged by machine learning is poised to surge... companies must have two types of people to unleash the potential of machine learning. "Quants" are schooled in its language and methods. "Translators" can bridge the disciplines of data, machine learning, and decision making by reframing the quants' complex results as actionable insights that generalist managers can execute... data are generated so quickly that human-in-the-loop involvement in all decision making is rapidly becoming impractical... three to five years out, we expect to see ... the development of distributed autonomous corporations... self-motivating, self-contained agents, formed as corporations... carrying out set objectives autonomously... Some DACs will certainly become self-programming... The role of humans will be to direct and guide the algorithms as they attempt to achieve the objectives that they are given. - An executive's guide to machine learning | McKinsey & Company

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