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We have met the problem. Guess who?

We have met the problem. Guess who?

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In all the urgent debate about regulating, investigating, and even breaking up internet companies, we have lost sight of the problem we are trying to confront: not technology but instead human behaviour on it... in their search for someone to blame, government outsource fault and responsibility, egged on by media (whose schadenfreude constitutes a conflict of interest... isn’t manipulation of our speech and psyches by technologists what critics fear most?...
To argue that the internet addicts the connected masses, makes them stupid, turns them into trolls, and ... agents of society’s ruin is elitist and fundamentally insulting, denying people their agency... Facebook, Google, Twitter, and company must exercise more responsibility ...But what precisely do we expect of them? ... capitalistic enterprises are finely tuned for simple outcomes ... a platform designed for one result (cannot) be fixed to produce another... innovators will find new opportunities...
we cannot agree on where to start the conversation.

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