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Vanquish the Virus? Australia and New Zealand Aim to Show the Way - The New York Times

Vanquish the Virus? Australia and New Zealand Aim to Show the Way - The New York Times

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a conservative leader in Australia and a progressive prime minister in New Zealand are ... converging toward an extraordinary goal: completely eliminating the virus from their island nations... succeeding with throwback democracy... partisanship recedes, experts lead, and quiet coordination matters more than firing up the base...

the public initially resisted and then complied, in part because the information flowing from officials at every level was largely consistent... explainer in chief, Mr. Morrison has veered toward conservative radio, while Ms. Ardern prefers Facebook Live... both received praise from scientists for listening and adapting to evidence...The results are undeniable...

It all started with scientists... Dr. Brendan Murphy, Australia’s chief medical officer... his counterpart in New Zealand, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield... are known for extensive public health pedigrees, calm demeanors and no-nonsense adherence to facts... key factors in a revival of trust in government

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