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This is why we can't have nice brands.

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Every feature that adtech is bragging on, or working toward? Email spam had it in the 1990s... staying away from spam was the right answer... spam from a high-reputation brand doesn’t look any different from spam that any fly-by-night operation can send...

The “new reality,”... is a place where you win based not on how much the audience trusts you, but on how well you can out-hack the competition... a hellscape of deceptive crap... a social media ad is useless for telling crap brands from non-crap ones... billions of pounds ... shifted from conventional media... into digital media ... However... advertising creates trust and conviction in its audience precisely because it is perceived to be costly...

state-sponsored misinformation campaigns aren’t “abusing” targeted advertising. They’re just taking advantage of a system optimized for deception... If you want to send a credible economic signal... The Internet’s got nothing for you... ad medium optimized for low-reputation advertisers... doesn’t hold value

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