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The New Era of Social Media Isn’t About Feeds | by Will Oremus | OneZero

The New Era of Social Media Isn’t About Feeds | by Will Oremus | OneZero

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"Clubhouse and Twitter’s “Super Follows” offer a new kind of engagement".

Makes a good case against the algorithmic feed, which condition us to follow and post repeatedly and create a feed full of attention-grabbing content. That feed's "great at keeping us hooked, scrolling & coming back... and great for advertisers... but [it's] exhausting and numbing ... you feel shouted at, manipulated, pandered to, and overwhelmed"

Hence a new crop operating "according to a different logic ... of loyalty, intentionality, and deliberate payment (attention/money)". In particular, Twitter Super Follows aims to "facilitate direct, intentional relationships between creators and their most loyal fans" who prefer that relatinship to "trusting an algorithm to surface engaging free content from a vast, impersonal reservoir".

See also OnlyFans, Podcasts, newsletters, Patreon, and ClubHouse, which is looking to Patreon's model.

Facebook, in the end, still dominates, but it dominates its newsfeed-centric, algorithmic, surveillance capitalism model. Upstarts need a different model "powered by loyalty, exclusivity, premium content, and niche audiences".

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