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The Day the Algorithm Died – NewCo Shift

The Day the Algorithm Died – NewCo Shift

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When in doubt, blame the robots. Facebook ... has proposed a familiar solution: f the algorithm has failed, let’s just build a better algorithm.... the focus on the software misses the point ... the Internet has failed as a public forum.... Perhaps we wouldn’t still be defending this failed experiment if it wasn’t so stunningly profitable... highly targeted, pay-per-view ads has warped software design into a competition to build the most addictive digital slot machine, masquerading as social engagement....
The platform earns money from engagement, and guess which ads and articles are the most engaging? It’s not the calm, thoughtful, balanced ones.... Tweak the algorithm all you want. It will never be a worthy substitute for a good book, a healthy debate or an honest friendship. As long as we trust software to shape our interaction with the world, life will be a disappointing, chaotic, infinite scroll.

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