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The first step to writing a good prompt is knowing what you want, so "start standardizing all types of outputs you require from AI".

Don't ask the AI to make many decisions for you: "provide ... a detailed checklist, explain the purpose behind the task, ... clarify any doubts the AI might have".

Provide "clear and well-defined information:

  • A good contextualization — what kind of output do you want?
  • A specific topic — with subtopics to emphasize.
  • A specific structure — like how many tweets, words…
  • A specific format for the output — what writing style to use, what tone…
  • A specific list of things to avoid — what you do not want to mention."

For example, to create a Twitter thread:

  • Contextualisation: "Hey ChatGPT. I am going to train you to create Twitter threads... a series of tweets that outline and highlight the most important ideas of a longer text or some specific topic. "
  • Topic: "I want you to talk about Google cloud platform environment, all its services and its utility for data science. However, you need to emphasize all these advantages are free for ever when your usage is contained within some tiers. Mention google big query and cloud functions, that are two of the most important services for analytics. "
  • Structure: "specify the whole structure I want:
    A first tweet with a short but concise message, letting people know what’s the thread about. It is important not to be more than 30 words, use key hashtags and convince people to read the whole thread. Emphasize the utility of the thread for them.
    second tweet that makes a short intro and let the reader get contextualized and understand why are they still reading the thread. It is important to keep the reader reading.
    4 or 5 tweets that outline and describe the most important parts of the article. These should summarise the main ideas of the topic I explained to you before.
    A last tweet with some conclusions and letting people know why your thread is worth it.
    A final tweet inviting them to retweet your thread and follow you."
  • Format: "include how ChatGPT should behave and what kind of writing style ...
    I would like you to behave as a technology and data science writer. Use natural and engaging language. It is important to use easy-to-understand vocabulary — remember I want to break complex concepts down to everyday words.
  • Avoid: "Avoid using complex vocabulary."

Then iterate. "Don’t be afraid to rework your prompts multiple times... think of it as writing code for the AI."

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