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Some Fundamentals of Assisted Intelligence

Some Fundamentals of Assisted Intelligence

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Rob Phillips, Founder & CEO FastlaneAI, ex-VP for Siri etc., on the "Fundamentals of Assisted Intelligence" - or where OpenAI is going with AI agents: "OpenAI is building a new kind of computer, beyond just an LLM for a middleware / frontend"

The rest of the post is a long, structured list. Some interesting highlights for me include:

  • "Context windows are limiting", so today AI providers use short-lived environments to run tasks in, "but over time they'll become a new type of Dropbox where your data is persisted long term for additional processing or cross-file inference / insights."
  • "An App Store of Experts... Regardless of OpenAI saying they're focused on only ChatGPT, it's inevitable they'll rescope it and enable a long tail of specialized assistants", similar to how Apple opened up its (originally closed) app store. "Builders will be able to compose multiple tools together", until AI learns from them how to do that itself.
  • Continuing that theme, "Fewer apps and startups will be needed to generate frontends" because AIs will become available capable of helping us "build our own workflows and compose together APIs"

" We're in the early days of building parts of this at


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