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I asked, a startup, the following question:

What is the best communication technique for reaching someone who believes many conspiracy theories, and sees all arguments as further evidence of conspirary?

A summary of its response, which contained cited references:

"When engaging with someone who holds fast to conspiracy theories and views any attempt to challenge these as evidence of additional conspiracy, several essential strategies can be identified...

  • approach the individual with empathy and listen patiently ... ensure a respectful discourse ... establish common ground...
  • [but] remain realistic... the goal ... should not necessarily be to debunk the conspiracy theory ... focus on encouraging critical thinking and imparting the skills required to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of information
  • applying the Socratic method... entices individuals to question their beliefs and engage in self-reflection through asking probing questions ...
  • Recognise the traits of conspiratorial thinking... CONSPIR (Contradictory ideas, Overriding suspicion, Nefarious intent, Something must be wrong, Persecuted victim, Immune to evidence, Re-interpreting randomness)
  • "inoculation" against conspiracy theories... forewarning the individual that they might come across conspiracy theories and providing counter arguments to such theories ahead of time " - this doesn't quite capture the full idea of inoculation, but it gives references.
  • "use "trusted messengers" who are former conspiracy theorists themselves...
  • identify the root causes ... may include feelings of concern, uncertainty, powerlessness, or social isolation", and address them.

The key question here is how well Questy identifies the right content to process.

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