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Lead Your Practice - The Three Moments

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Thought Leaders teaches the Green Sheet process for "linking what you know with people who value it... shifting perspectives from deep expertise to deep empathy around the [client's] challenges ... maps out in advance what is happening in a client's world ... [how] your core value proposition" will resonate with them and "maps a journey from where they are to where they could be". It's pre-meeting prep, meeting script and a "scaffold for agreements and proposals".

"for a Thought Leader is that it takes almost no time for someone to actually buy something of yours... the decision to work together happens instantly in these rare moments". Three "energetic moments within a commercial conversation" to not miss:

  • 'your' moment: you want to 'Show Up'; doesn’t always come first; when "you get really clear that what you have is of value, that the work is something you would like to do, and the client is someone you want to do it with.
  • 'their' moment: you want to 'Shut Up'; the "moment when the client decides that they want to work with you and they commit... [so] stop talking and just sit with the moment... Smile, nod, wait, and be present."
  • 'the' moment: 'Step Up': "when both parties go from the individual decision to work together to a collective, "Yes, let’s do this." "

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