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URL: https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/working-us_en (may have been updated since May 2023)

Working with us

As a multinational and multicultural research centre, we collaborate with partners worldwide.   

You can read more about our partnerships and collaborations, our scientific networks and look for cooperation opportunities and find the latest job opportunities on offer.

Collaboration agreementsThe JRC has over 200 operational cooperation agreements and is an active player in the global arena, gathering partners working on a diverse range of...Collaboration with EU countriesThe JRC works closely with various public and private organisations, research centres, universities, regulatory bodies, as well as local and national...Collaborative Doctoral Partnership programme

International cooperationA short description outlining international collaboration networks the JRC forms part of and helps to create.Jobs at the JRCFind information and access to JRC vacancies and discover more about the various career options.Networks & bureausThe JRC has developed lasting partnerships with external entities sharing a common interest in specific research area.Procurement (TED)TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), provides free access to business opportunities. Link to pre-filtered list for JRC.

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URL: https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/working-us/jobs-jrc_en (may have been updated since May 2023)

Jobs at the JRC

The JRC offers an enriching multi-cultural and multi-lingual work environment with lifelong learning and professional development opportunities. 

We are looking for youCheck our open vacancies!

At the JRC, you will contribute to evidence-based policymaking to improve our society.

As a JRC employee, you will enjoy:

  • a flexible work environment for a good work-life balance;
  • dedicated support for you and your family, including relocation, childcare, schooling, transport and more;
  • health insurance coverage for you and your family;
  • learning opportunities.

Our headquarters are located in Brussels, but we have openings across our 6 sites across in 5 EU countries.

Who we are, our mission

Staff categories

Permanent civil servant

Permanent civil servants (permanent staff) are members of the EU civil service appointed for an indefinite time. They constitute the core working force.

The recruitment of permanent staff is managed by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) through open competitions. On the EPSO page you can learn more about how to apply for vacancies and see the tests you may need to pass in order to get a job with the EU institutions.

Temporary staff

Temporary staff is recruited to fill vacant positions within the EU institutions and agencies for a set amount of time; this may range from a few months to a few years.

Vacancies for JRC temporary agents

Contract staff

Contract agents (CA) work for the EU on a fixed-term contract basis. At the JRC, we offer contract staff positions for researchers and for administrative/auxiliary staff in fields such as finance, communication, security, safety, legal affairs, ICT and more.

Vacancies for contract agents

Salary simulation and contract models

Seconded national experts

Seconded national experts (SNEs) are qualified civil servants from EU Member States who bring their expertise to the EU for a fixed period of time.

Please note: While the JRC is publishing vacancies for SNEs no applications should be sent to the JRC. Please contact your permanent representation, diplomatic mission of non-member country, EFTA secretariat or IGO administration.

Research fellows

Aimed at developing training, career development and mobility opportunities for researchers throughout their careers. The JRC offers contracts under the national employment law. There are currently 2 categories:

JRC grantholder rules

EC trainees

The EC traineeships programmes offer recent graduates a chance to increase their professional skills, expand their network and enhance their knowledge of the EU. Traineeshipsoffer a great insight into the work of the EU civil service and are available in a wide range of fields.

JRC scientific trainees

Twice a year, the JRC offers paid traineeships in a multi-disciplinary research environment. The traineeship sessions generally start in March and October of each year and run for a fixed period of 5 months.

Vacancies for JRC scientific trainees

JRC traineeship rules

Information for newcomers

Are you a new JRC employee?

JRC Welcome Office is there to help successful applicants and newcomers and their families with administrative procedures. For example by:

  • facilitating the relocation to the hosting country;
  • providing inductions programmes upon arrival.

Welcome guide

Contact our Human Resources Unit

EmailHR-JRC@ec.europa.eu Office Human Resources for JRC

EmailHR-JRC-OFFICIALS-TEMPORARY-AGENTS@ec.europa.eu OfficeHuman Resources for Officials & Temporary Agents

EmailHR-JRC-CONTRACT-STAFF-RECRUITMENT@ec.europa.eu OfficeHuman Resources for Contract Agents

EmailHR-JRC-END@ec.europa.eu OfficeHuman Resources for Seconded National Experts

EmailHR-JRC-ISPRA-TRAINEES@ec.europa.eu OfficeHuman resources for trainees

EmailHR-JRC-ISPRA-WELCOME@ec.europa.eu OfficeInformation for newcomers (successful applicants), JRC ISPRAData protection

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