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URL: https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/jrc-mission-statement-work-programme_en (may have been updated since May 2023)

JRC mission statement & work programme

The JRC provides independent, evidence-based knowledge and science, supporting EU policies to positively impact society.

A trusted partner for policymakers

As a department of the European Commission, we play a key role at multiple stages of the policy cycle. We work closely with other Commission departments, EU institutions and agencies, as well as with scientific partners and policy organisations in Europe and internationally. We offer scientific expertise and competences from a very wide range of scientific disciplines in support of almost all EU policy areas.

  • Anticipate - Looking ahead and seeing more clearly what’s coming to us to be better prepared and react more efficiently to new challenges.
  • Integrate - Connecting the dots and disentangling cross-overs thanks to multi-disciplinary and analytical capability.
  • Impact - Measuring the impact of EU policies, supporting the design and monitoring of policies and performance indicators.

What we offer

  • Scientific excellence: high-quality research accompanied by high standards of scientific integrity and transparency.
  • Anticipation of new challenges and opportunities to prepare policymakers for the complex and interlinked challenges faced by society.
  • Capacity to map, review, analyse and synthesise the best available evidence in support of EU policies.

Cross cutting portfolios

Our new portfolio-based way of working will allow us to better integrate our work across scientific and policy domains to provide coordinated support.

Explore JRC portfolios

Open for partnership

We will embrace new partnerships across Europe and internationally to broaden the knowledge base and impact of our work to ensure that science delivers for EU policy.

24 MARCH 2023 Joint Research Centre - one pager English (772.41 KB - PDF)Download

JRC strategy

Our revitalised Strategy 2030 aims to bring added value through our work. We work to anticipate what will be important for EU policies. We integrate science and knowledge into legislation. Our work intends to have positive impact for people in Europe (and beyond).

In this revitalised Strategy 2030, we have sought to reset, re-imagine and re-energise the JRC with a value proposition rooted in anticipation, integration and impact. We offer expanded foresight capacities, a more systemic approach in the frame of cross-cutting portfolios, and support to policymakers to maximise and measure impact. In the spirit of trust, collaboration and transparency, we signal our increased openness to engaging with partners to put science at the service of the European project.

GENERAL PUBLICATIONS 11 January 2023 Revitalising the JRC Strategy 2030 English(2.69 MB - PDF)Download

14 DECEMBER 2022 JRC strategy 2030 English (1.83 MB - PDF)Download

JRC work programme

In our JRC 2023–2024 work programme we support

  • the Commission’s political priorities
  • many initiatives of the Commission 2023 work programme
  • implementation of the Horizon Europe and Euratom research and training programme

Our 33 portfolios are the main building blocks of our 2023–2024 work programme. They allow us to better integrate our work across scientific and policy domains. The portfolios help us to maximise support for

  • anticipating new challenges,
  • developing policies and
  • monitoring their implementation and impact.

The document provides information about the JRC work programme 2023-24 and the specific position of portfolios within the structure of the work programme. The document includes 33 individual portfolio sheets that provide information about the work, aim and objectives of individual portfolios.

GENERAL PUBLICATIONS 6 March 2023 JRC work programme 2023 - 2024: Brochure English (13.2 MB - PDF)Download

2 MARCH 2023 JRC Work Programme 2023 -2024: Factsheets English(39.7 KB - HTML)Download

2 MARCH 2023JRC portfolio cards English(38.78 KB - HTML)Download

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