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Exercising, Eating Right Won’t Prevent Burnout - Bloomberg

Exercising, Eating Right Won’t Prevent Burnout - Bloomberg

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Juggling full-time responsibilities, family life, and the stress of confinement makes the risk of burnout greater than ever... time to deconstruct the underlying cultural sources of burnout and ... Work less...

our relationship to work ... tied to our ... self-worth ... But ... research says ... for knowledge workers to do their best work, they need space and unstructured time...

combine our culture of chronic overwork with the distraction ... [of] social media... [plus] forced to stay at home... people on a fast-track to burnout...

incorporating recovery into the process of work. You can’t be innovative if... you’re stressed, exhausted, distracted, or sleep-deprived ... recover hard when you play hard...

lines between home and work... are blurred ... We have turned busyness into a coping mechanism... Now we're applying that to personal time ...

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