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The endless search for rewards of the tribe, and the variability that often comes with it, are key components of ... Stack Overflow... over 5,000 questions are posted and answered daily... Many of these answers take hours to complete and require a high degree of technical expertise.... the site’s creators ... put usage limitations ... fear of creating exploitive addictions...
Why do so many people voluntarily spend so much time creating free content... To make the social rewards more tangible... a points system ... elaborate mechanism for earning certain rights... Users in the top tiers ... literally run the site... editing privileges ... ban other users...
they are earned as a proxy of the value created for other users. They embody peer status... a variable reward ... Contributors are uncertain of how many points they will accrue ... a meritocratic process that determines who is most valued by the community... status given not from an arbitrary algorithm... but from other users...
Reputational status conferred by the community has real value... social status may be the most important factor[1] affecting how long we live.... By making social rewards explicit through up-votes, honor points, likes, and follows, companies can put tribe-conferred status on display and model the behavior needed to attain those rewards.

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