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Building Blocks of a Zettelkasten

Building Blocks of a Zettelkasten

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I am working hard on the “Building Blocks” chapter of the Zettelkasten book ... a birds-eye view of the overarching systems metaphor I’m using ...

There’s a thing called “Zettelkasten”, and then there’s you using it. The former is the toolkit, the latter is your application of a method... I recognize... Inbox: the gateway into your knowledge system; Archive: the one, trusted place to look for information; Reference Database: interface to the outside world. Also related are pieces of effective project management to get writing projects done...

your note archive is designed to keep: pieces of knowledge... The Zettelkasten provides information and sparks new ideas. You... tell your note archive about your ideas so it can remind you about them next time.

The inflow consists of information you put into your inbox. The outflow consists of your writings... the reference manager provides pointers to stuff in the outside world...

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