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Bias, Bullshit and Lies: Audience Perspectives on Low Trust in the Media | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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Even in a world where people increasingly get news from social media, the professional news media is still seen as largely to blame for low trust... Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism examines the underlying reasons for trust and distrust ...Bias, spin and hidden agendas come across as the main reasons...perceived decline in journalistic standards... Trust in the news that people find in social media is lower still, but similar trends are at play ...
respondents were asked to give their reasons for low trust in their own words, using open-ended text fields... TV is considered less open to manipulation ... live pictures and reporters on the spot give consumers confidence ... criticised in many countries for putting speed ahead of accuracy, favouring opinion over facts, and for pushing partisan agendas...
journalists and news publications should be far more open about their biases and clearer about distinguishing news from opinion and news.

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