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7 Science-Based Habits That Will Bring You Greater Happiness In Minutes

7 Science-Based Habits That Will Bring You Greater Happiness In Minutes

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  • Live everyday as it comes.
  • Enter every situation, no matter how dark, as an opportunity to grow and learn.
  • Be grateful for every person and situation you meet and see them and it as assets on your life’s journey. "

The 7 habits:

  1. Nurture existing relationships rather than pursue happiness as a goal. " Pursuing happiness as some sort of blissful state is just self-serving. And scientists have found it can be counterproductive. "
  2. Learn to forgive. "forgiveness is the single most powerful factor researchers have identified in acquiring happiness... cultivating a habit of forgiveness, you can become the “emotional rock” of your family and friends"
  3. Sincerely wish others well. " researchers have found taking a sincere interest in others can boost our mood"
  4. Express generosity—Don’t just feel it. " generosity breeds a feeling of happiness—instantly"
  5. Learn gratitude and contentment. " respond with 'thankfulness and joy,' we improve our own well-being."
  6. Be open, curious and flexible. "willing to accept new ideas and new people ... suspending preconceived notions and biases ... curiosity, leads to growth by way of open-mindedness and flexibility ... And growth will make her happier."
  7. Live in the present moment. "nostalgia, ...can breed unhappiness and even depression...about the future...the effort [to predict it] is futile and potentially misleading."

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