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4 Twitter features Mastodon is better for not having -

4 Twitter features Mastodon is better for not having -

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4 ways Mastodon doesn't optimise for enragement.

On Mastodon’s "home timeline... posts don’t have metrics ... you have to click through ... makes you judge a post first by its content, rather than the score attached to it... the whole dynamic [being "ratioed"] doesn’t exist... leads to more thoughtful engagement rather than ... Liking every post by the person who’s on “your side”"

There are also no "notifications when someone Likes a reply to you", so again less reason for people to like something to take sides, in the process "increase the reach of content we dislike".

No quote tweets, "As Mastodon’s lead developer Eugen Rochko explained it". This is something I agree with on balance, although not all QTs are negative. But we can do without, and it makes "Look at this fool" -style QTs impossible. "As an alternative, you can boost your reply to someone."

Finally, there's no full-text search "of the entire Mastodon network... You can search by hashtag. And on some servers, you can do a full-text search of toots that you wrote, boosted, or favorited ... [so] people can’t ... find your posts, and harass you.

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