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1 perfect prompt to make AI write in your style

1 perfect prompt to make AI write in your style

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To avoid "robotic, cliche AI text that sounds fake" and get "AI-generated content to emulate your unique writing style", you have to feed the AI a sample of your writing. A good prompt:

"Based on the tone and writing style in the seed text, create a style guide for a blog or publication that captures the essence of the seed’s tone. Emphasize engaging techniques that help readers feel connected to the content.

Beneath this, type “SEED TEXT” and then enter your example." With ChatGPT's input limit of ~500 words, enter a 460-word text. "The output will describe exactly what you need to tell ChatGPT to write in your style",.so

  • "either continue the conversation (“Write an article on X in the style described above”)"
  • or use it later: “Write a blog on X in a style that is…”.

This is a reverse-engineered version of Jasper Brand Voice which has more consistent results, so "rerun it until you get a result you like!"

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