Facebook’s fake news problem won’t fix itself – Poynter
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Facebook seems incapable of rooting out hoaxes even after acknowledging they are clearly fake news... at least five different pages shared a story after Facebook acknowledged it was fake and were still able to reach tens of thousands of people through the social network. None of the posts carry any warning that the content is fake... BuzzFeed anal…

Facebook to roll out tech for combating fake stories in its Trending topics | TechCrunch
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Following the controversial firing of the editorial team who managed the Trending Topics... technology that will help prevent fake news stories from showing up in the Trending section.

Beauty blogger shames bullies
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Great example of how to cover a social media trending topic via video: "A video featuring a beauty blogger with adult acne has been watched almost seven million times.... shows some of the comments that Em Ford received online after posting images of her face with and without make-up... she wanted to point out the "unrealistic expectations" soc…

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