Taking Virtual Reality for a Test Drive | The New Yorker
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Although V.R. has not been as lucrative as entertainment companies had hoped, the medium is used a lot in the military (flight and battlefield simulations), business training... health care (preoperative mapping, virtual cadavers... treat P.T.S.D. and phobias... transformed pornography... Independent creators and developers aren’t making their mon…

IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy
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“agile” describes so many different work systems that it’s become an almost meaningless term... for IBM “the leaders have to be with the squads [his word for small teams] and the squads have to be in a location.”... Research suggests remote workers are more productive and log more hours than employees who work in the office, and for many companie…

My Biggest Takeaway on 37Signals’s New Book on Remote Work (Hint: It’s Not Technology) | The Art of Ass-Kicking
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"They went out and interviewed a bunch of companies that do remote work... useful tips for making the case for remote work ... - In today’s economy, the quest for talent is so great that organizations can no longer afford to merely look at individuals co-located in their physical presence ... - It is easier than ever to coordinate the work of ind…

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