Understanding the Three Fundamental Principles of How IPFS Works | IPFS Blog
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"InterPlantery File System - IPFS - is a peer-to-peer distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data... to power the Distributed Web - DWeb... by using IPFS to download files from another system, your computer also becomes a distributor... a part of a decentralized network, helping ... distribute inform…

Urbit for Normies • Blog • urbit.org
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Urbit looks like a fascinating platform to build myhub on: “an open-source decentralized internet project... [to] give control of computing back to regular people... At its most basic level, an Urbit is:A super-private (virtual) computer, combined withan ID, which isconnected peer-to-peer with other Urbit computers"Urbit user access their Ur…

A bold guess
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"The diagram below is an early concept illustration of the Independent Digital Music Market which now forms the basis of the Bittunes platform & Android application currently in Open Beta in the Bittunes Google+ community. This project, which had been put on ice in late 2006, was restarted in April 2013 when Bitcoin began to ‘cross the chasm’,"

edgelogic | collective intelligence applied

"From Bitcoin Blockchain technologies to advances in mesh networks connecting devices together to create new people powered communication systems... to new understandings of 'emergent semantics' processes at work in folksonomies and massive user generated data sets powering new forms of search and discovery systems... 'Edge Pri…

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