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Urbit looks like a fascinating platform to build myhub on: “an open-source decentralized internet project... [to] give control of computing back to regular people... At its most basic level, an Urbit is:

  1. A super-private (virtual) computer, combined with
  2. an ID, which is
  3. connected peer-to-peer with other Urbit computers"

Urbit user access their Urbit in the cloud and talk to directly with other Urbit computers.

Key features:

  • p2p: no intermediaries watching, recording, selling, manipulating
  • secure & private super simple server
  • calm computing: "super clean interface... one login [for] ... document creation, email, social media access, accounting
  • Urbit IDs are permanently ownable, "backed by cryptography ... no central authority can ever take it away from you", which opens up decentralised apps - the whole thing appears to run on ethereum contracts
  • "identities are finite and accrue reputation".

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