NHS England rethinks Care.data roll-out
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A story in two parts? I'd like to think this is a story about agility-oriented web guys winning the argument with politicians and their unrealistic deadlines and steamroller tactics: "NHS England has abandoned its plan to fully roll out the controversial Care.data patient records sharing scheme in the Autumn. Instead, a trial with up to 500 GP p…

Law is code: visualising law as open data
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"The parliamentary process is indeed so similar to a collaborative software development workflow that it is only natural to try and use a version control tool such as Git to track individual legislative changes." - OpenGov Voices: How GitLaw turns the French parliamentary process into open data - Sunlight Foundation Blog

McKinsey: NY's open-data lessons

"technology is the easy part ... cultural and political—those are your two big barriers. And they’re sort of tied together.... ... a lot of people go off the rails ... dictate solutions without any understanding of the on-the-ground realities of the agencies doing the work. " - Learning from New York City’s open-data effort | McKinsey & Company

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