Framing Reward is as Important as Reward Itself

Instead of asking, “What rewards should we give away?” ask “How should we give away a reward?” ... how the reward is framed, and the steps customers must take ... the endowed progress effect: We’re more committed to completing a goal when we have made some progress... LinkedIn, where I can gauge my “profile strength,” is similar. My profile is n…

Why each side of the partisan divide thinks the other is living in an alternate reality
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To some liberals, Donald Trump’s inauguration portends doom... to many conservatives, it’s a crowning moment ... as if each side is living in ... a different reality.... information avoidance... all of us ... ward off any new information that makes us feel bad, obligates us to do something we don’t want to do or challenges our worldview... we’re …

Reframing mindfulness
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Excellent article, via @joncaswell, pointing out that not only is Mindulness a treatment, not a cure, it's being peddled by those responsible for the disease... "We must subject social media to the kind of scrutiny that has been applied to the design of gambling machines... ... [it's a mistake to assume] that anxiety and insecurity are the nat…

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