EU public sphere blogtour: half full, or half empty?

You can go for months without a good post on the EU public sphere, and then a whole bunch come along at once.

Blogtour: The Hungarian Presidency opens up the Council (updated)

A few weeks before the Hungarian media storm broke late last year, the BloggingPortal editors were contacted by the (then upcoming) Hungarian Presidency team, seeking ideas for how they could cooperate with the Euroblogosphere. Being a loosely-at-best organised gang of volunteers, it took us a while to respond. To their immense credit...

Obama: A Man for all Bloggers (Blogtour)

So I thought it would be interesting, as the hysteria fades, to take a short, unrepresentative tour of how EU-oriented bloggers greeted Barak Obama's victory.This is by no means a scientific or exhaustive survey - just a few quotes and links - and it's highly unrepresentative because, of the acres of blogprint dedicated to the man, I…

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