The true history of fake news | 1843
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That fake news shifted copies had been known since the earliest days of printing... So what if they weren’t true? Printers argued, as internet giants do today, that they were merely providing a means of distribution ... But newspapers were different... had reputations to maintain... As the 19th century progressed, impartiality and objectivity were…

Protecting the press as a foundation of democracy | Harvard Magazine
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Newspaper newsrooms lost 45 percent of their employees between 2008 and 2017... growing number of “news deserts”: communities where there are no longer media outlets sending reporters to city-council meetings... Can a healthier news ecosystem be built? ... a role for government in ensuring citizen access to reliable information... “There was alw…

Praxis is Joining the Everything Bundle - Forte Labs

make every minute you spend consuming information much, much more valuable... much ... online content ... awful. Driven by clickbait, optimized for maximum distraction... lowest common denominator, it only added to people’s confusion ... in ... productivity, performance, and personal effectiveness... lots of gems ... buried beneath an avalanche of…

Coronavirus: fake news less of a problem than confusing government messages – new study

the vast majority of our panel of 200 participants could easily spot fake news... many instead referenced ... government or media misinformation ... less aware ... how the pandemic is being handled ... underestimated the UK’s death toll...many believed a greater emphasis on fact-checking would enhance rather than undermine public trust in journali…

Covering Climate Change and Countering Skepticism in Australia - Nieman Reports
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when climate skeptics in government and media control the message and the channels, it becomes fact for people like councilor Allen that Australia’s fires... have “nothing” to do with climate change... Climate skepticism runs deep in Australia, origin of ... Murdoch’s media empire... long history of climate science denial and diversion... in the w…

What lessons haven’t we learned since 2016? Lesson 1: RAGE - Stand Up Republic
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The rage-engage cycle is a key part of how malign narratives gain traction on social media... into traditional media... disinformation content is designed to be polarizing... exploits the business models of social media... pointing out that something is false and dangerous ... giving more oxygen to the fire... [Trump] tests and revises purposefull…

Book Review: Sarah Kendzior, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’
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Kendzior pulls no punches... detailed ... a true crime work, with the President ... benefactor of a criminal machine so powerful and immense ... every institution ... and media has, in some way, been compromised...every page brought fresh anguish...Other than Trump... the players? Russians... Israel, and Americans in business and government... all…

Shot by the Messenger: Partisan Cues and Public Opinion Regarding National Security and War
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messages of intra-party harmony tend to be ignored by the news ... internal disputes, especially within the governing party, generally receive prominent coverage... We examine how messages of party conflict and cooperation affect public opinion regarding national security... how the reputations of media outlets matter...credible communication (i.e…

What can be done? Digital Media Policy Options for Europe (and beyond) | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
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policy options ... to create a more enabling environment for independent professional journalism... demonstrate what democratic digital media policy could look like... protect ... from threats to their independence and to freedom of expression... level playing field and support... oriented towards the digital, mobile, and platformdominated future …

Rappler's Maria Ressa Recommends How to Tame the Corrosive Effects of Social Media - Nieman Reports
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we needed to take investigative journalism and combine it with technology to build communities of action... I went from managing 1,000 journalists to 12 people...Our information ecosystem has already been destroyed. We’ve been poisoned... We were the third [news outlet] attacked... we stood up because we have no other business interests...In the o…

This is why we can't have nice brands.

Every feature that adtech is bragging on, or working toward? Email spam had it in the 1990s... staying away from spam was the right answer... spam from a high-reputation brand doesn’t look any different from spam that any fly-by-night operation can send...The “new reality,”... is a place where you win based not on how much the audience trusts you,…

Some Republicans remain skeptical of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic - The Washington Post

Rep. Devin Nunes ... leading ally of President Trump, dismissed concerns about the coronavirus pandemic... Bernard B. Kerik, a Trump supporter ... tweeted that “this hysteria is being created to destabilize the country, and destroy” Trump....from Italy... Newt Gingrich offered a different perspective... Inside the Republican Party... a deep divide…

More than 100 fact-checkers from 45 countries in 15 languages... to cover coronavirus
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under Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network... more than 100 fact-checkers in 45 countries publishing in 15 languages. In less than two months, they have published 1,000 fact checks, articles and nine weekly reports pointing out misinformation trends and ways to combat it...journalists not only can but should drop competing with each other…

Fighting misinformation requires journalism, not secret algorithms

Watching Silicon Valley exercise news judgment has been like watching Walter Cronkite try to write code in Python... Four companies have created trustworthiness indicators for news websites: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and NewsGuard. Publishers have no way of learning their secret trust score from the Silicon Valley companies. NewsGuard’s journalis…

'Audience canvas': create an audience-first strategy | Media news
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the lean canvas... single-page template designed to distil the fundamental goals and objectives of a business, and offer a clear route to achieving them... to design a product around perceived market and consumer variables... In about 45 minutes ... journalists learned how to apply this framework to their news organisation’s editorial and business…

A smarter conversation about how (and why) fact-checking matters » Nieman Journalism Lab

often our expectations for fact-checking reflect... the Scooby-Doo model of political accountability... the villain is unmasked ... off to jail... would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for “you meddling kids.” ... Once the facts come to light, the consequences follow ... idealized notion ... rooted at least partly in the “folk theory” of demo…

A time to question core beliefs » Nieman Journalism Lab
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focusing exclusively on ad hoc solutions — suspending the harassing account, deplatforming the white supremacist group... won’t address the reasons the waste got there in the first place... if we don’t begin to shift our mindset to ... an ethics of responsibility... we cannot begin to act differently...challenging the assumptions ... enshrined wit…

Disinformation For Hire: How A New Breed Of PR Firms Is Selling Lies Online
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for manipulating public opinion... automation and artificial intelligence “can quickly generate traffic and publicity much faster than people.”...If disinformation in 2016 was characterized by Macedonian spammers... Russian trolls... 2020 is shaping up to be the year communications pros for hire provide sophisticated online propaganda operations .…

Let’s disrupt the logic that’s driving Americans apart
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our racial, cultural, and religious identities ... overlap with our political identities ... polarization operates on a social — and even primal — level... media executives can now create programming and content that really efficiently checks all the boxes...: political, psychological, racial, cultural, and even aesthetic...Path No. 1: We stay in …

BBC staff express fear of public distrust after election coverage | Media | The Guardian
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BBC’s director general ... exasperation with “conspiracy theories” ... followed criticism of the editing out laughter aimed at Boris Johnson in a news bulletin, reporters uncritically repeating Conservative sources... the prime minister escaping scrutiny after dodging a one-on-one interview with Andrew Neil...“In a frenetic campaign ... hundreds o…

BBC chief dismisses accusations of bias in politics coverage | Media | The Guardian
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defended the corporation’s election output ... claiming the fact that it received complaints from all sides demonstrated it was unbiased...BBC’s head of news and current affairs... said: “I don’t necessarily subscribe to the view that if we get complaints from both sides we are doing something right.”...

Emily Maitlis: ‘People see conspiracy at the BBC when it’s just a confluence of cock-ups’
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anything the BBC does is always in the spotlight... people read conspiracy into a thing when it’s really a confluence of cock-ups and the wrong button being pressed at the wrong time, or the guest you wanted gets into the wrong taxi and doesn’t show up

Memeing the future of news
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@Digidave has memed every single article in @NiemanLab's annual prediction collection, and it is awesome.

Opinion | The Media Is Broken - The New York Times
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journalism primarily do one thing: cover events... The internet has sped up the news cycle. Now we put more emphasis on covering the last event... But ... events in this era have ceased to drive politics...impeachment... Mueller investigation ... “Access Hollywood” tapes... barely leave a trace on the polls...Events don’t seem to be driving politi…

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