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Your Q Anon Exit Briefing

Your Q Anon Exit Briefing

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This is a piece for people who have been part of the Q Anon movement... beginning to get tired ... starting to get skeptical... Q mostly stopped making specific predictions after a series of embarrassing failures... demanding that we all Trust the Plan and stop asking why Q is always wrong...

There’s a reason you got scammed... why did you keep believing when it was obvious to everyone else that Q was lying? ... a lot of people think that smart people are more likely to fall for dumb scams, because they’re able to construct better, more credible justifications for believing something they want to be true... Q’s secret weapon: the community of Q believers. People like you helped sell the Q scam to you... you probably made it more credible to other people in turn... for some people, the pain of admitting it was a hoax is greater than the pain of believing in that hoax.

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