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Why does journalism need blockchain technology? – Civil

Why does journalism need blockchain technology? – Civil

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The record is incorruptible... this sort of recordkeeping is valuable for journalism: it allows us to maintain archives that can’t be censored or altered after the fact...
an ad-free publishing economy on Civil’s Ethereum-based platform... Popula is accountable to its readers alone, and is impervious to the interests and agendas of advertisers or other intermediaries or “influencers” of any kind. Readers, and readers alone, provide our community, our platform, and the funding ...
imagine ... commenting ... wasn’t free ... instead a privilege that comes only with a paid subscription to a responsible publication... Commenters can earn tips on the Civil platform, so there will be a point to being smart and careful about what you write... Imagine adding information to a news story you’re interested in, and not just getting thumbs up or ‘likes’ for it, but getting paid for it

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