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When does government communications get its own "Demand Horizon"-style book?

When does government communications get its own "Demand Horizon"-style book?

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The forward of this book, by Brian Solis, made me want to substitute 'citizen' for 'consumer' and 'customer', and 'government' for 'business': "The future of customer engagement requires a more thoughtful and localized approach. Connected customers aren’t complacent, fickle or unfaithful, they’re focused on what’s important to them. As they’re always connected to their streams, and you are too for that matter, then become part of their stream. ... connected customers rely on the experiences and input of their peers to make decisions. And, those businesses that deliver great experiences, those that share similar values, earn loyalty that is unrivaled by customers of the past. This isn’t about networking. This is about building a community ... A true community though is much more than belonging to something, it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter... The way people make decisions, how we support them, how we meet expectations, how we design product and services that meet unmet needs, how we reduce friction, is solved for by embracing innovation, objectivity and always considering possibilities and opportunities.... more importantly, a new vision and overarching philosophy is essential to lead us away from a culture of management and mediocrity to a culture of leadership and innovation."

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