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Welcome to the Bullshit Economy - The American Prospect

Welcome to the Bullshit Economy - The American Prospect

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Uber gets an $82 billion valuation for a low-margin taxi business it has never made a dime on... WeWork implodes after the slightest scrutiny ... that’s the bullshit economy... fraudulent advertising metrics and fake numbers ... to siphon cash through Facebook and Google’s ... counterfeit goods pass through Amazon... a financial crisis based on bullshitters telling us housing prices would endlessly rise...

When the bullshit economy fails, it robs people’s belief in the basic bargain of commerce... that you get what you pay for... in contact with politics, it just demolishes faith in the system. The bullshit economy spurs distrust...

the app [that utterly failed to deliver in Iowa]... an unnecessary app that narrows the supply chain ... when the supply chain fails it creates chaos. We see this all over our economy...

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