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Visual tools for transforming information into knowledge - YouTube

Visual tools for transforming information into knowledge - YouTube

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A video presentation "based on David Hyerle's book Visual Tools for Transforming Information into Knowledge". Some key points:

  • written notes and verbal information present knowledge linearly
  • mismatch with our brain, which must convert this linear stream into a mental map - major effort.
  • images are fast to convey, but low on detail
  • mixing them works best (ie image with short texts: labels & captions)

Different tools support better different thinking styles:

  • Creative thinking (~5min): clustering, webbing, mindmapping. Obsidian supports this via Excalidraw
  • Analytical thinking (~8m:20): graphic organisers, usually content/process-specific, going back to Venn diagrams
  • Reflective thinking (~11m:40): conceptual mapping tools like inductive towers (from facts to encompassing theories), dialog/argument mapping (issue-based information systems, IBIS, or using the argdown standard - see obisidian plugin), systems feedback loops, mindscaping

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