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Using social media appears to diversify your news diet, not narrow it » Nieman Journalism Lab

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our analysis shows that social media use is clearly associated with incidental exposure to additional sources of news ... with more politically diverse news diets... The algorithms, of course, continually change...
More sources does not necessarily mean more diverse...
the majority in most countries and in most groups do not use sources from across the political spectrum. ... both social media news users and those incidentally exposed to news on social media not only (a) consume news from more sources but also (b) have a more politically diverse online news diet than those who do not use social media at all...
Few ... opt for a politically diverse news diet. However, the figure rises to 37 percent for those incidentally exposed to news on social media... 44 percent of those who use social media for news end up using sources from both the left and the right ...
Facebook and Google... may in fact currently contribute to more diverse news diets... Whether they will still do so after the next algorithm update only they know.

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