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The Case for Democratizing Links in Education | by Bridgit — The Internet of Ideas | Medium

The Case for Democratizing Links in Education | by Bridgit — The Internet of Ideas | Medium

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"Bridgit extension enables users to organize, share, and ultimately monetize their research... to create bridges that connect ideas on web pages (represented by content snippets)... any Internet user can connect information on an idea-to-idea basis that aggregates into an Internet of ideas ...

A bridge is a bi-directional, co-locatable conceptual link between ideas (i.e., content snippets) with a semantic relationship... including supports, contradicts, and cites."

Some ideas here similar to myhub. Business model: "learners can benefit from building bridges ... accessing bridges related to their classwork."

Interesting presentation of how building bridges helps students build connections between information, helping them learn at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy - similar to personal content strategy.

"Democratizing web links -> subsequent ideas build upon the evolving base of relevant supporting and contradictory evidence." using visible thinking.

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