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Something is breaking American politics, but it's not social media

Something is breaking American politics, but it's not social media

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On fully eight of the nine measures, “polarization increases more for the old than the young.” If Facebook is the problem, then how come the problem is worst among those who don’t use Facebook? ... polarization is accelerating fastest among those using the internet the least... social media is important. It’s just not the whole picture...
two main hypotheses... structural, like increasing income inequality. The second is non-digital media, and cable TV and talk radio in particular... The authors’ data only goes until 2012, so it can’t tell us much about the 2016 election... Trump’s use of Twitter ... setting the agenda for more traditional news outlets, particularly cable news and talk radio. Remember, it was seniors... who pushed Trump to the White House.
most people’s media feeds tilt more toward baby pictures, wedding announcements, and funny videos ... Those of us who follow lots of politicians and politicized news sources are outliers, and we shouldn’t extrapolate ...

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