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Rappler's Maria Ressa Recommends How to Tame the Corrosive Effects of Social Media - Nieman Reports

Rappler's Maria Ressa Recommends How to Tame the Corrosive Effects of Social Media - Nieman Reports

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we needed to take investigative journalism and combine it with technology to build communities of action... I went from managing 1,000 journalists to 12 people...

Our information ecosystem has already been destroyed. We’ve been poisoned... We were the third [news outlet] attacked... we stood up because we have no other business interests...

In the old days, we had very strict rules of the difference between reporting and activism... in the climate change problem... led to problems of false equivalence... when I got arrested... charges were trumped up and were political harassment... In the battle for truth, you have to say who lies. [Research shows] the accounts spreading lies [in the Philippines] were overwhelmingly pro‑Duterte...In the battle for truth, journalism is advocacy...

social media platforms are behavioral modification systems... the emotion that spread the fastest was anger... Technology had enabled the rise of the strong man... Social media... literally rewire the synapses of your brain... one coder decided that they would grow Facebook by using friends of friends... your friends of friends will move you ... The right moves further right, and the left moves further left...

legislation is a necessity. Even Facebook says ... because they’ve abdicated responsibility... one legislation that could work: data portability... decide to leave Facebook... I can take my data ... and move it to ... help scale something else... Then Facebook or YouTube has the incentive to protect me as a user...

the vertical system of information is gone... We need to find a global solution... build communities of action.

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