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Outrage .com – On Advertising – Medium

Outrage .com – On Advertising – Medium

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outrage explodsd... because it allowed us to make the story about ourselves... we could effortlessly and instantaneously join a global conversation... attracted more agreement from our following than resentment, and invigorated our social capital. We were putting our best face forward, aligning ourselves with an ethical and moral high ground, virtuously constructing elements of a self that we wanted others to see...
we should ask, “What are we doing being outraged, and is it worth it?”... Layered on top of these modern Web 2.0 features are Pavlovian dynamics... When we do something and are rewarded for it, we automatically strengthen the relationship between that behavior and the outcome.... By making the story about ourselves, we collect increased attention, outpoured affection, and positive impressions. But ... such actions do very little ... statuses and hashtags worn as a badges of honor for those priding themselves on taking the high ground...
The final repercussion of online outrage is conscious restraint ... the curtailment of freedom of expression in a hyper politically correct (PC) culture.

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