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Opinion | Facebook serves as an echo chamber, especially for conservatives. Blame its algorithm. - The Washington Post

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Summary of peer-reviewed research - “Understanding Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles: The Impact of Social Media on Diversification and Partisan Shifts in News Consumption” - by its authors, who found:

  • more time spent on Facebook, the more polarized their online news consumption becomes...
  • Facebook usage is five times more polarizing for conservatives than for liberals.
  • Facebook and Reddit connect their users with a wider, more diverse range of news sources, but shape news consumption of conservative users very differently: Facebook 30% more conservative, than what they typically read; Reddit 50% more moderate

Key ways the algorithms differ:

  • Facebook relationships are two way - lowers seeing content from people from outside your network, who'll have more diverse ideas - while Reddit relationships are open, topic-based
  • Reddit users upvote content, driving its visibility, while Facebook prioritises engagement spanning happiness to anger, hence enragement.

As the authors point out, these are intentional design choices.

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