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Meet the researchers and activists fighting misinformation - Protocol

Meet the researchers and activists fighting misinformation - Protocol

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the Election Integrity Partnership and Disinfo Defense League ... two initiatives among hundreds ... reflect two mutually reinforcing sides of the same ecosystem... people devoting their livelihoods to combatting online misinformation and disinformation... These are their stories...

EIP is uniquely close to the platforms, using Jira to communicate with election integrity teams at 7 major ones... reporting content in violation of the platforms' specific policies - speaking their language...

"The right has a more robust ecosystem and structure around spreading falsehoods... [platforms] hesitant to take aggressive action ... fears that they'll be accused of censoring the GOP."

Disinfo Defense League's inoculation strategy: protecting communities of color targeted by suppression-oriented misinformation ... created specialized memes, videos, webinars... a "Disinfo Defense Toolkit" ... focused on community education and playing defense.

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