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From Beginner to Superuser: A Complete Roam Research Tutorial Course

From Beginner to Superuser: A Complete Roam Research Tutorial Course

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Watched the entirety over the last week of 2020. Highly recommended series for getting to grips with Roam, covering everything from the basic of how Roam works through to detailed HowTos on project & goal management, zettelkasten, etc.

Having said that, I won't be migrating my tasks out of a dedicated task mgt tool, or pasting bibliographic notes from kindle-via-Evernote-into-Roam rather than curating them to myhub, any day soon. Trying to fit everything into Roam falls foul of the 80/20 rule, as does overkilling weekly reviews and goals.

My instinct is to figure out how to integrate Roam better into my personal toolkit.

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