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Facebook’s belated, vague, unhelpful election idea - Columbia Journalism Review

Facebook’s belated, vague, unhelpful election idea - Columbia Journalism Review

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Facebook's steps to verify election-related content and prevent disinformation or attempts at meddling have largely underwhelmed. Political ads may be banned for the week before the election, but not those created beforehand. In any case, that's after months of damage. And it doesn't stop people posting disinformation which are not ads.

This actually rewards those with major Facebook followings, who don't need ads - such as Trump, who moreover gets to say that he's being "silenced".

Moreover, the rules contradict each other: sometimes Facebook will remove disinformation about voting; other times it will apply a warning label. How the company will make that choice is unknown - probably even to them. And all of this implemented by "anonymous twenty-something programmers, under the direction of a single thirty-something multi-billionaire".

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