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Facebook Braces Itself for Trump to Cast Doubt on Election Results

Facebook Braces Itself for Trump to Cast Doubt on Election Results

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contingency plans and scenarios should Trump use Facebook to delegitimize the election results... wrongly claim on the site that he won another four-year term ... invalidate the results by declaring that the Postal Service lost mail-in ballots or that other groups meddled with the vote ... YouTube and Twitter have also discussed plans ... all three “have to potentially treat the president as a bad actor” - something the US has never experienced before

Difficult for Facebook, which doesn't factcheck political ads or politicians posts - any post-election censorship would look hypocritical. Initial planning focused on pre-election, switched to post-election with Trump's attack on postal ballot legitimacy... discussed a “kill switch” to turn off political ads after Nov. 3 if outcome not immediately clear or Trump disputed results.

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