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Dall-E3 Is Here And It’s Mind-Blowing

Dall-E3 Is Here And It’s Mind-Blowing

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The following short summary was generated by Harpa:

πŸ†• Dall-E3 is OpenAI's latest AI image generator, with improved quality and safety features.

πŸ€– It competes with MidJourney AI.

πŸ’° Users can sell images created with Dall-E3.

⚠️ Ethical concerns surround its use.

🌟 Dall-E3 impresses in early previews, enhancing ChatGPT's power.


The original Harpa summary was somewhat longer:

πŸ†• Dall-E3 is the latest version of OpenAI's AI image generator, offering significant improvements over Dall-E2.

  • Dall-E3 boasts better image quality, coherence, and the ability to generate legible text.

πŸ’¬ It can be used within ChatGPT, enhancing its capabilities.

πŸ”’ Dall-E3 also includes improved safety features.

πŸ’° Users can sell or merchandise the images created with Dall-E3.

πŸ€– Dall-E3 competes closely with MidJourney AI in terms of image generation quality.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Creators can opt their images out of future training datasets.

⚠️ Ethical concerns and potential misuse are associated with Dall-E3.

🌟 Early previews of Dall-E3 are impressive, and it may challenge MidJourney's dominance.

πŸ”— The integration of Dall-E3 gives ChatGPT a significant edge in versatility and power.


But how much of this would I actually internalise if I just relied on an AI tool like Harpa? Here are my actual notes:

Dall-e3 is OpenAI's latest AI image generator:

  • MidJourney-comparable
  • include text in images
  • works inside ChatGPT: "simply ask it what you want to see"
  • you own, and so can sell, the resulting images
  • copyright: artists can opt out their images

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