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Change My View Does Not Allow Rudeness or Hostility

Change My View Does Not Allow Rudeness or Hostility

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A place where users with radically different political opinions interact productively and politely, where a willingness to participate thoughtfully is the rule rather than the exception, and where people readily admit when their views on a subject have been altered... Reddit’s Change My View forum... promotes respectful conversation between people who disagree with each other... has also spawned a blog and a podcast....
shifts in thinking and perspective occur regularly; “deltas” are awarded to commenters who manage to convince, persuade, or teach in some way.... success largely rests on its strict rules and the dedicated team of moderators... the rules “set up guardrails, so you could expect to have a quality experience each time.”... rules are consistent, intuitive, and transparent. The moderation is predictable, and users modify their behavior accordingly...
If you want to convince, meet people where they are rather than where you want them to be... If people feel heard and understood, they are more likely to listen ... Some of the arguments ... make use of moral reframing... relies on a person’s ability to empathize and understand the point of view of someone who holds different values... appealing to the morality of the person you are trying to convince rather than your own... What really widens the moral empathy gap is not attitudinal polarization (how the public generally feels about policy)but affective polarization (how much political groups dislike one another)...

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