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Another echo of one of my recent posts (Simplifying Zettelkasten by working out loud), but almost certainly published before: "One of my favorite ways that creative people communicate is by “working with their garage door up,” ... giving a lecture about the problems you’re pondering in the shower; it’s thinking out loud".

Essentially this is why I started blogging in the first place, so it's nice to see others finding real benefits, like "more invested, interesting followings over the long term".

Let's hope so. The link also pulls in two related posts:

  • "Working on niche, personally-meaningful projects brings weirder, more serendipitous inbounds" - I have some evidence of that (eg MySilio), but not enough: possibly there's not a lot of potential weird inbounds in the Brussels Bubble, which means I have to get out there more
  • "It’s also a way to avoid the problems described in Pitching out corrupts within", which would be a good problem to have

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