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A Phone Setup That Will Make You More Mindful - Better Humans - Medium

A Phone Setup That Will Make You More Mindful - Better Humans - Medium

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for iPhone users, but all optimizations are transferable...

Your phone is... trying to suck as much energy out of you as it can. Today... we’ll turn your phone into a mindfulness enhancer... designed based on how I aspire to behave... Great tools share three characteristics...:

  1. only trigger you when it actually benefits you to use them.
  2. require as little time as possible of you
  3. prompt you to let go as soon as you’re done.

Your phone... trying hard to get noticed, to seduce you and to make you stay...

Minimize Triggers... your phone only makes you aware it exists when it would be a good idea for you to pick it Silent mode close to 100% of the time... hide it from view...

Streamline Usage... help you find whatever you need efficiently... Mindful Lock Screen... shows a desert... asks me a thought-provoking question... “Why am I in your hand?”... a home screen that... ask “What can I do for you today, sir?”... pages, ordered based on how often I need the respective apps...

all pages are black and white... my phone is not an amusement park...

Install Exit Prompts... a phone that tells you to put it down right when it’s done being useful... the perfect question for your wallpaper... “Why am I still in your hand?”

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